Sunday, August 01, 2010
First thoughts on Android 2.2 (aka FroYo)

My HTC Desire updated to Android 2.2 (codenamed FroYo) about two hours ago. I've been testing it out and here is what I've found so far...

It's quick. Much faster loading webpages, less time to refresh screens, and less judder on scrolling. The speed improvements were one of the key selling points for 2.2 over 2.1 (due to clever stuff in the engine) and you can certainly notice the difference. HQ YouTube clips load almost immediately.

The wifi hotspot. My little phone now works as a portable wifi hotspot for up to eight people around me. It's probably doing to drain the battery (and the 500MB monthly download limit that Orange insists on) but for a frequent traveller like me this is going to be amazing. No more ripoff airport wifi charges!

Dedicated video app. No more having to go into pictures (which is now called 'gallery') to find the videos you've uploaded. Now all I need to do is work out how to encode my DVDs so they work on the Desires lovely screen (I'm struggling a bit - any tips?).

HD camcorder. The phone now captures video in 720p. Not sure how long my 2GB card will take to fill up (am guessing not that long) but a nice addition in a world where good quality video is important.

The flashlight app. Seems a bit like a minor thing, but the HTC flashlight app uses the super-bright camera flash to create a torch with three brightness settings. The top setting is blinding, and I can see this coming in really useful one day.

Overall, this seems like a minor improvement over 2.1 (albeit with improved speed and some really handy new features) rather than the all-new opertating system that the hype has led us to believe.

Will keep fiddling and let you know about any other interesting stuff I find, plus if I work out the point of 'app sharing'...