Friday, August 20, 2010
I'm going to need a bigger bag...

The iPad started the craze for making up new computing niches. But with so many new opportunities for gadget ownership popping up, I've had a think about my perfect suite of tech* to get me from dawn until dusk. Here it is:

1. A full-sized, Windows-based laptop with SSD. For work and work travel (over one day). £749
2. A netbook for holidays (over three days) for writing or managing images / videos. £395
3. An iPad, for sofa surfing, playing Angry Birds, and for holidays (under three days). £429
4. A Windows tablet, for travelling for work (trips no longer than one day). £300ish
5. An iMac, for iTunes and iPhoto, and for syncing my iPad and my... £999
6. iPhone 4, for when I want to watch films, take pictures or play games while in transit. £499
7. An HTC Desire, for mobile wifi access and satnav (car journeys under one hour / on foot). £349
8. A TomTom satnav system (for car journeys over one hour). £130
9. A Blackberry Curve, for mobile work email and Twitter (UK only). £235
10. A Peek email device, for mobile work email and Twitter (in the EU). £80
11. A Sony Reader / Kindle, for reading books while in transit and during holidays. £109
12. A PSP Go, for mobile (non-casual), holiday, and in-transit gaming. £198
13. A Vado HD, for capturing video during holidays, work and travel. £77
14. A decent digital still camera, for holiday photography. £179


I'm going shopping.

Hmm, I wonder what Tac, Melvin and Drew would carry around in their ideal bag of geek?

* Personal, portable devices or related equipment only. Does not include home-based AV, gaming or entertainment technology. That's a whole other list.

Image by dhutchman.