Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Is Google's new Android hungrier than before?

Since updating to Android 2.2 on Sunday, my phone seems to be back to its old trick of running out of power before the end of the day. I know it's trivial, but to me it's a critical indicator of whether a smartphone is just for show or *actually* something you can use for work.

I had a look at the battery status meter. This is what mine says:

Cell standby: 32%
Phone idle: 29%
Android system: 22%
Wifi: 7%
Voice calls: 4%
Display: 4%
Calendar: 2%

And here is what the status from the same phone belonging to my friend Wayne, who is still on 2.1 (and furious about not getting the update yet):

Cell standby: 38%
Phone idle: 37%
Voice calls: 8%
Android system: 8%
Layar: 4%
Display: 3%
Dialer: 2%

So it looks like the new system users the idling power better, but takes more than double the juice to do it? One of the key selling points for 2.2 was the improvement in power consumption, so I'll be disappointed if my phone just got worse again.

I'm not sure how good the meter is or what it really means. But if you're on Android 2.2, how long's your battery lasting?