Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Day eight, 1998: Getting battered at Ted's

This week's PR Forum in Southampton gave me the chance to explore my 1998 stomping ground (having lived there between '94 and '99).

I took a drive around there last night. Most places I used to hang out in have changed names. No more Lizard Lounge (now Bar Revolution), Simon's Wine Bar (now Orange Rooms), Academy (now Reflex), Greenhouse (now The Wine Bar), or Harvey's (now, er, Ninety Degrees at Carltons).

But oce place remains unchanged. Ted's Fish Bar - famed for introducing battered Mars and Snickers bars to Southampton (and therefore revolutionising my diet) - looks exactly the same.

I'll wager that it's still serving up greasy wonders (including the famous battered burger in a bun) to Southampton's students, and that the same fruit machine is still nestled in the back ready to take any change you've got left after last orders at Bedfords (still Bedfords).

And no, I didn't go in. Battered Snickers bars, no matter how delicious, would kill a 34 year-old *instantly*.