Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Day three, 1998: Chooooooon!

The Sony Discman has arrived following my frantic eBay-ing, costing me 99p (plus £3 postage). I have paired it with a pair of amazingly bass-heavy Sony headphones, given to me for Christmas in 1998. The Discman is the model without anti-skip, which may be a problem seeing as it skips appallingly when you merely *look* at it, let alone pick the bugger up.

The final challenge... What to listen to? Rifling through my entire CD collection (which, following the advent of iTunes and Spotify, hasn't been touched for ages), I found 12 albums produced in '98. The list below will become my only musical entertainment while on the move until I am able to return to the present day...

Propellerheads: Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
Goldie: Rings of Saturn
Robbie Williams: I've been expecting you
Gomez: Bring it on
Underworld: Beaucoup Fish
Lo Fidelity Allstars: How to operate with a blown mind
Morcheeba: Big Calm
Massive Attack: Mezzanine
Air: Moon Safari
Fatboy Slim: You've come a long way, baby
David Gray: White Ladder
Lenny Kravitz:

Three of the albums in this list I still listen to all the time, and would definitely count among my top albums of all time. (No, Lenny Kravitz isn't one of them.)

The iPod now joins the iPad in the Cupboard Of The Future, which I'm banned from opening until 1998 is over. Once again I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's tube journey to work. It's going to be a Goldie day.

Having tested it just now at home, I have got one more thing to say: Burn your Apple headphones. I've been a huge fan of the standard iPod earbuds since they launched, but I just listened to a 12 year-old CD on an obsolete device using headphones that are falling apart and the music made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck for the first time in years.