Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Modern mobiles are mental

Three days on the antique Nokia 6210 and I have come to a conclusion. But first, some observations:

1. You can drop the Nokia 6210 on concrete and it bounces.
2. I'm on the third day without a charge and the beast still has three battery bars (out of five).
3. You can make calls in places where I previously thought there was no reception*.
4. It's unbelievably light.
5. It boots up in under 5 seconds.

Someone once told me that in the future, phones would be made of glass, the batteries would last less than a day and they'd take almost two minutes to boot up.

Don't worry, I'm sure they were just pulling my leg.

(* The stairwell at work. Beyond the microwave meals in M&S. In fact, right to the cakes at the back.)