Saturday, October 02, 2010
And on the sixth day...

It finally happened. After five days of relentless service, the little Nokia gave up and shut down at some point in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Last charged last Sunday night, I estimate that I got well over 100 hours before it ran out. Compare that to a generous average of 16 from the HTC Desire under normal conditions, and around 12 under heavy usage if I'm lucky.

Aside from the obvious positive environmental impact, it just goes to show how we've sacrificed convenience and reliability for features and functions. Granted I haven't been able to check in on Foursquare, check my email walking to work, or stalk you on Facebook while waiting for a bus. But I also haven't really needed to do any of those this week.

If anything, and once I got used it it, my week has been a lot better. I've had more time to think and less need to worry while out of the office. Why the hell was I checking in at Tesco anyway?

Everyone I've met this week has, at some point, suddenly and unexpectedly dropped out of conversation to mutter at their phone. Do you remember the last time you did that? Do you even notice you're doing it?