Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Email to 1998 from Callie






Hi Callie,

In two years you will get in a spot of bother, run away from home, eventually return home and drop out of school. DO NOT DO THIS. You will spend the rest of your life struggling to get educated, struggling to get a decent job and feeling embarrassed and pretty useless about it all. Your parents love you and even though the idea of talking to them about what happened (well... will happen) is horrifying in itself, they will understand and they will help you.

Don't be so uninterested and just pack it all in when the therapy first starts, it will help eventually, and trust me, you DO need it despite what you may think at the time. Your life does get better but only after you take the fucker by the horns. You can sort yourself out a lot sooner than you think. BE INDEPENDENT & CONFIDENT.

Don't validate yourself with boys, keep the drinking & drugs to a minimum, learn how to cook properly before you're in your twenties and LEARN HOW TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT. Don't get into a relationship with anyone who smokes a lot of weed - the years spent with them will be wasted and you will never get them back. As soon as you start full time work start putting £100 a month into a high interest savings account. TRAVEL THE WORLD.