Sunday, October 24, 2010
Email to 1998 from Christopher


FROM: Christopher


SUBJECT: Email to 1998


Dear LP (aged 17),

If she's got curly red hair, persevere - she'll work out how much you mean to her eventually, even if it takes years.
If she's your mate's girl then go for it once they've split up - but ditch her THE MINUTE she fucks you around.
If she's cute with short dark hair, she'll tease you and lead you on for a while yet, but it's worth it.
If she's got glasses and curly hair, don't touch it with a bargepole, even if she seems like she could be a long term project. She will make you more miserable than you've ever been in your life.
If she loves football and appears to have identical interests to you - she doesn't, you're on the rebound.
If she's blond and beautiful and a colleague - tread carefully for a while, but long term it will be the best thing you've ever done, in many ways.

Learn an instrument.
Keep learning French, it will be richly fulfilling in the end.
Never let your MOT run out.
Make the most of your Grandparents while you've got them.
Your much older and more experienced married self