Friday, October 29, 2010
Email to 1998 from Dan




SUBJECT: Brace yourself...


Hey Dan,

Brace yourself, the next 5 years are going to really suck. Here are some things to help you cope:

1) Something big is coming. These feelings you're feeling are OK. They are completely normal. When you work out what they are, you will be happy with who you are and you will feel like a new man and things will seriously get better. You'll, in a few years, have the best group of friends who love you for you.

But stay away from boys called Adam and Gary. And realise even now in 2010 a boy called Shaun, who you'll meet soon, will still not know what he wants! (Opps, have I said too much?!)

2) Stop being sensible and saving your money for driving lessons. After 2 years and 4 tests you still won't have passed! Instead go to Reading Festival and Glastonbury with everyone, trust me you'll love it!

3) Don't let Joe and the other boys bully you anymore; they eventually achieve NOTHING and get fat. You'll make it Dan and you'll be damn good at what you do. Just take control of the situation now before things get really bad. They will get bad. Stand up for yourself. Fight back, you don't deserve it; but remember to always use your head.

4) Keep on with the youth theatre, you're talents are wasted at school, you'll really shine and find your sancutary away from the bullies. Plus you're make some friends and fond memories for life. But do get your head down from the clouds and realise that you won't be a West End star.

5) Be braver. Go with your gut instinct. You'll suprise yourself. Plus Mum and Dad can be suprisingly supportive.

6) Keep up your writing and when we eventually get the internet at home in a year or two, start thinking about setting up your own website. Put your writing up there and send pieces off to get published and don't forget to be a Newsround Press Packer!

7) 7 will always be our lucky number.

Just roll with the shit times Dan, they will make you stronger and you'll learn a lot from other people's prejudices, even if it doesn't feel that way at the time.
You'll soon move away from the small minded village and embrace a wonderful life in London. You'll be happy. Honest.

See you in a few years Dan, keep your chin up!

P.S When Mum and Dad move house, you'll get the bigger bedroom!

P.P.S Keep up with learning French, boys in bars will find it really sexy! (Opps, said too much again)