Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Email to 1998 from Gabriel


FROM: Gabriel


SUBJECT: Message through time


Don't listen to any of your peers. Grow your hair long, wear black and listen to metal. The only reason you'd not do this is because you are afraid employer might complain. In 2010 you run your own company and you dictate the dress code. Fuck those 'fashion' dicks. Get a Pantera hoodie.

Anyway, the chicks you'll meet love long hair and beards. Thats right geek boy, i said chicks.

So, i'll give you an easy (pearls of wisdom) start.

- buy, now.

- learn php 5 now instead of 5 years from now.

- get rid of all the old computer junk in your house now and get a mac. Yes, i know they look puffy and rubbish but you'll thank me later.

- You're off to college this year. Don't waste any time, find a blonde girl called Hayley in the Main computer room and bang her brains out as much as possible. You wont get to keep her (and you dont want to)

- When you meet a goth girl called Stacy, run away, she's fucking mental and it'll break you.

Have fun in college.