Thursday, October 28, 2010
Email to 1998 from Joe




SUBJECT: Turn right.


Hey Joe,

In 1999, you'll be out with friends in a bar and you'll meet two sisters. Your instinct will be to turn left and start chatting to the younger one. Don't do that - turn right instead. It will be much less heartbreaking in 2003 if you haven't been going out with her sister for 4 years when you drunkenly get it on. Otherwise, you'll wake in the morning and both of you will confess to genuinely being in love with the other. Then the whispered conversation will slowly wind toward the inevitable terrible truth that you can never be together. The next few months after that go downhill and eventually you agree that the only way to move on, is to never, ever see each other again. And you won't.

On the bright side, Bruce Willis has a film coming out in a few weeks. You should go and see it. It's called the sixth sense and Bruce is actually dead throughout the whole film. Enjoy.

Bye for now

Joe +12.