Friday, October 29, 2010
Email to 1998 from Laura


FROM: Laura


SUBJECT: To me in 1998


Hello me,

I know you think you’re so grown up right now, but you’re not. You’ve no idea actually. Also, I know it doesn’t seem it right now, but doing some work for your GCSEs is worth it in the end, you do A-levels, go to university and you love it! You’ll even get quite a good degree, along with meeting some great people and having an absolute ball. One thing though, get rid of the horrible yellow hair and dye it brown sooner than 2004. Also, stop wearing so much fake tan! The summer of 1999 is brilliant. The first holiday you go on with your friends in 2000 is mental, never forget it. 2001 is a tough year for you and everyone around you, but you all survive it.

See as much of the world as you can, in the summer of 2003 you’ll travel all of Europe on a train, you’ll also see South Africa in six years and India in eight. In 11 years you’ll take some time out and see some more of the world, this helps to put life in perspective for you. In 2010, you’ll go to five hens dos and five weddings, start saving. On that, try and be a more sensible with money and not get into debt. Saving isn’t illegal.

Try not to waste your time on idiots – you’ll come across a few of them but don’t worry there’s some good’uns out there.

Treasure your loved ones and enjoy your friends – they’re great.

It’s not a rehearsal.

Love me x