Thursday, October 28, 2010
Email to 1998 from Mark


FROM: Mark


SUBJECT: Couple of things pal...


Hello mate.

I haven't got long - life's like that - so here are some quick pointers that'll help you out over the next decade or so.

1) Beg, borrow, steal...whatever you need to do...but somehow buy yourself a small flat in central London - or as close as you can manage - and do not be tempted to sell it for a long, long time. It's your pension.

2) Don't invest in a pension.

3) Buy a good road bike. Use it a lot. Cycle up mountains. You will love it. A lot of your mates will too, so get them involved.

4) Chat up a few more girls. You do this by asking them questions, letting them speak about themselves and listening well.

5) The internet's going to be massive. In a few years there'll be a company called Google. Pay attention, learn about it and start a company which helps businesses understand how it works.

If you don't do any of these things, it'll turn out OK. But you'll really regret not getting the bike.

M x