Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Email to 1998 from Michael




SUBJECT: Email to 1998 me


Dear me,

Respect your elders, so shut up and listen…

  • Shave your head now. It will mean that people won't think that you just shaved it 6 years later because you started to go bald
  • Do yourself a favour and don't even start watching a TV show called Big Brother when it starts. Trust me, it's not worth it
  • Laugh very loudly whenever anyone mentions the Millenium Bug
  • Don't laugh 10 years later if someone mentions a possible recession
  • And please, please, please don't chuck out any Star Wars figures or retro video games you still have in the loft

Oh, and you've got 12 years to work on a wittier email to yourself in 1998. Better start working on it now.

See you soon.