Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Email to 1998 from Nikki




SUBJECT: To 1998 Me


Nikki (Aged 14/15)

Make the most of the skinny body you have now. You will not have it in 4 years time. In 3 years time you are going to meet your first proper boyfriend and get a bit too comfortable.

You will put on weight, and you are never going to lose it again. I would recommend not eating pizzas that your boyfriend (First of many andrew's by the way) insists you eat all of the time.

You are not exercising so where the hell do think all that pepperoni is going to go. One day you will try to put a pair of jeans on and insist they shrank in the wash. They didn't you arse just got fatter.

You will break up with said boyfriend. Not because you've gained a few (lots more) extra pounds, but because you are mental. It will feel like shit, but don't worry you won't stay that way. In fact from there on in, you will meet mental boyfriends and have to dump them instead.

Good luck and see you the other side!