Sunday, October 24, 2010
Email to 1998 from Paula




SUBJECT: from the wiser and older version of you


Hi Paula,

Don't bother trying so hard at school until you hit Yr 9. Don't throw anything work away from IT class because believe the teacher when he says you will be marked on it.

Don't even bother thinking about going to university. Take out a £20,000 loan and spend the three years travelling instead. You are very likely to learn a whole lot more and have a much better time for it. You end up wasting your time and the two numbers on the degree cert. is embarrassing. You end up with a stupid loan and in a shitty job that you hate. go to central america in oct 2009. you will love it.

you manage to find a way to work things out, but go easy on your younger brother.

It's unlike you to listen to what others say, but if you are going to regret something, don't let it be this- i know because i've done it.

from 2010 paula