Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Email to 1998 from Phil




SUBJECT: Easy there.


Dear Phil,

I don't know much more than you did, but the following are important:

1. You are capable of almost anything. Try not to feel guilty about
wasting your potential, and get excited about something.
2. Never, ever, EVER cheat on someone, or cause someone else to. I
know now what drives you to it and it's too complicated to explain,
but it'll take you years to figure out how much you hate doing it, and
by then it'll be too late.
3. Your brother and sister are incredible. Spend more time with them
before they fuck off. Please.
4. You'll have to live with your upbringing. Blame your parents if you
like, but for god's sake get some counselling too.
5. Don't join that cult.
6. You're a stupid twat sometimes, but I love you to bits anyway, and
so does every other fucking person you know. Please don't get so
hung-up on pleasing them all.
7. Seriously, you're lovely. You'll finally figure that out when you
start telling people how highly you think of them.
8. You're gonna get seriously hurt. I'm sorry. But it's better than
feeling nothing.
9. When you really need to talk to someone, find a guy.
10. Get to bed on time, every night.

Good luck mate. Say hi to everyone.

PS It's actually too big. Stop worrying about it.