Monday, October 18, 2010
Email to 1998 from Polly




SUBJECT: Talking to myself in 1998


Hi Pol, It's Pol from the future. I have a few tips for the next few years.

1. You won't always live above a vegetarian bistro opposite a club, but try not moving seven times in twelve years.

2. Enjoy the drink 'n' drugs, but PLEASE, PLEASE learn a little moderation.

3. Don't pretend you will stop smoking at thirty, you won't and it's a lost cause.

4. We both know we are attracted to mad people, BUT DON'T get into relationships with them.

5. In a couple of years get the first train from Brighton (It will be raining and have a black leather jacket on), not the second one because it will break down and leave you stranded for several hours and your walkman will run out of power.

Most importantly, don't make rash decisions, be a bit less stubborn, a lot more confident and relish the good times.