Sunday, October 24, 2010
Email to 1998 from Sam






Alright fella, it’s you here from the year 2010. A few pieces of advice for you (because I’ve become quite fond of you):

  1. For Christ sake don’t bother trying to get any decent grades at uni (although you’re probably on the case with this one) because it turns out you become a web designer, which you can learn how to do by searching Alta Vista or Infoseek (but probably just Google. You’ll see).
  2. She’s totally right – you WILL meet someone else and it will aaaaall be OK!
  3. Take Theo to the doctors, your instincts are totally right, he shouldn’t be looking for himself in your cupboard
  4. If anyone tells you that it’s not possible to down a whole bottle of wine it’s because they’re jealous