Wednesday, October 20, 2010
It's time to change the 'station

Yes, I know it's officially a PSone - the 2000-born version of the PlayStation console that dominated my 1998 downtime - but just like all of us now we're grown up, we're still all the same on the inside.

I've been happily reliving WipeOut 2097 (still the best game ever), Colin McRae Rally (ridiculous but satisfying powerslides), Gran Turismo (so many layers of joy) and Bust-A-Move 2 (like crack but funnier) until the early hours of the morning, aghast at how wonderful these games really were. And still are.

In fact... For playability, depth of story, imagination, and even graphic detail, this 1994 machine - and if you'll forgive the turn of phrase - craps on a Wii.

Now - who can lend me Bust-A-Groove?

(By the way, I got the PSone, two controllers and eight decent games on eBay for... Wait for it... £4.29. Unbelievable!)