Monday, November 01, 2010
Email to 1998 from Gemma


FROM: Gemma


SUBJECT: Dear Gemma 1998. age 17


I'm not writing to you to tell you to change anything to drastic as
what makes me who I am today are the experiences I have been through.
And I'm not giving you any clues on what's going to happen as the
whole point of Life is you don't know what round the corner. But what
I will say remember not all the time but when you feel down or lost.

1. It's going to be ok the love of your life will come but not yet.

2. Don't be so sad I promise you have lots of fun to be had.

3. Don't panic relax enjoy being young. Don't take life so seriously.
Its not the end of the world.

4. Who cars about your feet they are what they are and there's no
changing that. People still love you just as much.

5. Be nice to your Mum and Dad they love you very much. They are only

6. Spend as much time as you can with a girl called Sabine she's great
and don't leave the tent you share with her at Reading Festival, make
sure you stay the whole night.

7. If some one treats you like shit just know its not you its them it
really is them.

8. Relax its ok to feel happy in your own skin.

9. Try and spend more time with your brother I know he's busy but do
it build up a stronger relationship. He's good fun to be around and
really helps when the chips are down.

10. Stay positive your going to meet so many different people and have
so much fun. Try not to cry so much.... I know its easer said than done.

Lots of love. Good bye! Have fun be strong !


Chillax , bad word. You'll know what I mean in a few years.