Monday, November 01, 2010
Email to 1998 from Shaun


FROM: Shaun


SUBJECT: From The Future... With Love.


Hi Shaun,

I've some really important things to tell you, please do your very best to stick by them.

1. I know your only starting out with computers... but stick at it. You'll follow a good career in IT, you become very technical, and you impress a lot of people with your skills, your imagination, and your workrate. I know your modest... but promise me you will take praise when it's given... you don't do it often enough.

2. When your at college in 2 years time, don't worry about spending too much time in the pub, and not enough time in the college itself. You'll do just fine!!! Infact, you'll do excellent... don't be afraid, again your skills and imagination is what will make you successful at college.

3. DO NOT go to Uni. I repeat, DO NOT go to Uni. As much as it's exactly what you want right now... IT DOESN'T WORK OUT FOR YOU!!! You go for the first year of a BSc in Computer Studies... you leave at the end of the year having only turned up to about 20 lectures in total. It's a waste of time and money for yourself. Instead of wasting the year between 2002 and 2003, apply for a job at EDS in Peterlee. It is hear your career beings, and it is hear you become successful. Go for it!!!

4. In 2002, you'll work for a very popular bar/restaurant in West Pelton. You become absolutely besotted with a girl called Liz. Try to forget about her before even getting to know her... she isn't worth it, and you'll become heartbroken over nothing. Also, you'll not make the mistake of punch your good mate Kev over her one Boxing Day night, and breaking your middle finger...

5. Save your money!!! The one thing you really suck at (other than luck with girls) is saving money. But, do me a favour... save some money... please?!

6. ...and this is the big one, Shaun. This might make everything write if you listen carefully and do everything right... Remember how I mention luck with girls... listen! In about a years time, you're gonna be sat on a broke down bus, sat next to Steven, having a very random conversation about Pokemon. The girl behind you is called Chrissie, and she's absolutely besotted by you. For the next five years after this, please don't be mean to her, be nice, you eventually realise why you should be. In the summer of 2004, you'll be in a bar, and you'll her properly for the first time, and the spark will ignite. You'll fall in love with her, she'll fall in love with you. You will have the most amazing relationship together!!! After a couple of years with her... propose!!! Even if you don't have the money... just do it!!! Start planning to live together... find yourself a nice place, and get married!!! Do this cos she's the best thing you'll ever find in your life, and never let her go! If you do, you'll never get over her. Always treat her as best as possible, love her forever, and never, NEVER get complacent! If you let her go, you will never forgive yourself... make sure you do the right thing this time Shaun. She will make you happy for the rest of your life.

I really hope you do these things Shaun, you'll have a fantastic life if you do!

See you in twelve years :-)


P.S. When your 17, tell Sarah to go fuck herself... she ain't worth it! Seriously!