Wednesday, December 08, 2010
You're not going to believe this...

At about 3am this morning I was awoken by a fizzing and popping sound from the garden, followed by a blinding flash of blue electricity.

Gingerly I crept out of bed and opened the back door, stepping out into the freezing night. Lying on the ground in a perfect circle of scorched earth was this... Thing.

Looking like a small computer but without a keyboard, a bizarre but magical device lay on the ground, emanating a pulsating light. It was accompanied by a note, written by someone from the distant future.

Someone who read about my plight and understood how to contact me.

Someone who decided to reach out across the space/time continuum and communicate with the past.

"Hey Jon," said the note. "Welcome to the future! Try the HD7 for a couple of weeks and let me know what you think. JP."

I told you it was unbelievable.