Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Is your CEO a blogger?

As one of her new year's resolutions (not sure what the others are - hopefully finally starting the ChickenCam that Tac and I suggested), Waggener Edstrom's CEO Melissa Waggener Zorkin vowed to 'connect more'.

It's nice to see that she's chosen to do that via a blog, which she has called Unfettered Optimist (and explains why in her first post).

Blogging is a strange animal. Many clients want to do it, but I spend most of my time convincing them not to - knowing that they'll start with great ideas and unlimited energy, then run out of both after a few weeks.

I still believe blogging is an important part of the evolution of online publishing, and allows the brands that do it right to share interesting, personal and compelling elements of their businesses that people don't normally see. It's a shame to notice how many blogs I used to regularly read dying out as I take my morning trawl through Google Reader.

As a journalist by trade, I guess I find it easier than most to think of ideas and form them into (vaguely) readable prose. I am pleased that my CEO is doing that too.

What's your view on blogging?