Monday, January 03, 2011
My 'hots' and 'nots' for 2011

Yeah, so I lost to Orange. I'm taking solace from the fact that, until April 2012, my old mobile number will be home to a very special voicemail greeting alerting callers to my new number (as well as a few other things). Give it a few days then ring it and listen.

Anyway, I thought I'd kick off my new-look blog with what will be 'hot or not' in the life of this PR geek for Twenty Eleven... (Or Two Thousand And Eleven... Or whatever the hell we're supposed to call it. The decade will be called the Teenies, FYI.)


Apple TV

I can watch a film on my iPhone on the tube, walk into the lounge and seamlessly switch to the TV, then switch to the iPad to finish the film in bed. It's like that bit in Minority Report when Tom moves video around on a piece of glass, except more futuristic. Talking of which...


The most amazing piece of launch technology I've used since... Er... Ever. I could mess around on the menu screen without even needing to play games and still be gobsmacked. The bloody thing looks into your brain using its terrifying robot eyes and reads your thoughts.


All the good independent ones are either dying out or being bought, which is a shame. I still believe a written blog is an important part of the niche, personal publishing movement, so I'm going to be writing articles on this blog more often. Sorry.


The internet. On a mobile phone. In other places other than Croydon. Who knew that would be possible?


Foursquare, Path etc.

I was the biggest supporter of location-based social networks in 2010. The reason I won't be updating Path or checking in on Foursquare any more is because there is NO POINT. I'll be back once retailers sort their lives out and make it worth my while.


90% of the emails I received over the holiday were alerts to new people following me on Quora. I've been to the site three times and still can't work out what it is / what it does. This will remain in the 'not' list until somebody explains it to me.


My inbox is so rammed with alerts, newsletters, round robins and messages-I-don't-really-need to-read-do-I that I tend to miss the important stuff. So I'm going to use Twitter, Facebook, instant messenger and - deep breath - the telephone more.


Not much to add, is there?