Friday, January 07, 2011
RIM founder demos PlayBook... Pretty well, actually

I'm always fascinated by how senior corporate spokespeople present their products or services to the press. The trick is to sound naturally enthusiastic and genuine, without straying from the corporate message or into speculation or hyperbole.

RIM founder Mike Lazaridis does a good job in this impromptu exhibition floor briefing at CES - fielding multiple quickfire questions from a scrum of video bloggers while showing off RIM's tablet the BlackBerry PlayBook.

At about 7m 30s he says something vaguely (but not too) controversial about how its taken them since 1987 to achieve a true, seamless mobile computing environment, and then when asked if he can be quoted on it he says "Why not?".

He spends a lot of time showing off the multitasking and Flash capabilities - two of the BlackBerry's big attacks against Apple - which is something he knows he has to get across and forces the issue slightly.

But overall, I believe that he's excited about the device and really believes it's cool. Can't wait to have a go on one myself, Mike!