Friday, April 22, 2011
The CIO no longer chooses the toys?

Interesting article on how the BlackBerry PlayBook might not fit with the new way companies buy technology. Has Apple really reversed the buying process?

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What on Earth Happened to BlackBerry?

Research in Motion's new tablet is a misguided mess.

The BlackBerry Playbook Tablet.First, a confession: I haven't used the BlackBerry PlayBook yet. The seven-inch tablet computer is scheduled to go on sale next week, and I hope to get my hands on one soon. This, then, is not a product review. It's more like a eulogy, or perhaps an autopsy, for a company circling the drain. Reviewers who have gotten early access to the PlayBook have been almost universally puzzled by how half-baked it is. In its current form, the PlayBook doesn't include any apps to access your email, calendar and address book. To get those things, you've got to have a BlackBerry phone, too. The PlayBook pairs with the phone, and gives you access to the phone's e-mail, calendar, and address book. Does this sound insane? It is. The PlayBook doesn't have many other apps, either. And even a few days before launch, the company is still making frequent, major updates to the tablet's software.