Monday, April 18, 2011
Print's charming?

The announcement on Friday that Computer Weekly's print edition will be discontinued (to coincide with its acquisition by TechTarget) gave me a bit of a jolt.

I mean, it's 10 years older than me.

A long-standing staple of the tech press, Computer Weekly (and sister title MicroScope) have always been part of my life. From writing for competing titles, to working to get my clients mentioned in their pages, I've never been far away from a copy.

But now there won't be any copies, or pages. Which leads us back to the classic PR conundrum:

How can we prove to our clients - who LOVE getting coverage in print - that web is best?

Let's think about this. Clients love getting their stories in print because:

1. There is a finite amount of space, so the story must've been extra special
2. It looks good printed out and framed (unlike a webpage)
3. They can hand it to people (like their boss), or leave it places (like their boss' desk)

So, I'd like to suggest to my friends at Computer Weekly that, as part of the new era, they create an 'online print' edition of the magazine. It should be limited to 48 pages only (plus 4 for the cover), and be designed by graphic artists skilled in print layout, rather than web designers.

It should then be hosted on a private site where people have to enter their address to see it. Then, instead of receiving immediate access to the articles via their computer screen, a copy containing all 52 pages is printed and sent to their address.

What do you think?