Saturday, April 30, 2011
Why I won't be blogging any more

The verb 'to blog' is over, I've just decided.

Admit it. You're annoyed that everyone you know who went travelling in the last two years enthusiastically and ungrammatically blogged the entire experience. You've started to unfriend people who post updates from their tiresome blog to their Facebook profile. Your own blog about cats doing funny things / the terrible customer service provided by your local council / Surrey fashion trends is failing miserably.

And, worst of all, you've grown tired of how people get 'blog' and 'post' mixed up ("I've just written a new blog about my holiday - check it out!").

Saying you've got a blog has started to sound like you're showing off about having a MySpace page. It just so... 2007. And anyone that ever uses the word 'blogosphere' needs to leave the internet immediately.

So, from now on, this is a site. And I don't blog, I write. And I don't write posts, I write articles. Who's with me?

Pic by markhillary.