Sunday, May 01, 2011
Another breakup email from Yahoo

On June 30th, 2007, I received an email from Yahoo telling me that my photos were all about to be deleted. Saved in Yahoo Photos were a year's worth of pictures from my round-the-world trip, so I migrated them to Photobucket. Nearly all of them made it through the migration, but some didn't. Photobucket turned out to be dreadful too. I was left feeling miffed about the whole sorry process.

This week, I got a similar message from Yahoo about Delicious, which it has just sold. My bookmarks are now only available until July 2011 - after that I won't be able to access them. Guess what? I'm miffed again.

I understand that Yahoo is rejigging its business model, raising cash, and streamlining its operations. But how long can an online service provider continue to email its members with 'move or you lose your stuff' ultimatums before it turns into a massive PR disaster? Am I the only one to remember the demise of Yahoo Photos? Was I wrong to trust a private company with my precious things?

Well, goodbye Delicious. I'm giving up on you, and sticking with Google Reader for my bookmarking needs from here on in. Google's sticking around for a while, right?

What would you do if Google contacted you tomorrow and told you Gmail was closing and all your emails were due for deletion?