Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Stewart Lee on 'the cross-platforming of liquefiable content'

Stewart Lee - one of the last-standing cerebral comedians who tries very hard not to be instantly funny - has written a fascinating article on how content, as soon as it becomes 'content', turns to crap.

"Never has it been more true that brevity is the soul of wit. Today, the assumption is that a comedian’s or a writer’s highest ideal would be to reduce a funny idea to 140 characters, so it could be twittered out to their content-gobbling followers, and instantly digested in whatever circumstances the consumer finds themselves. It appears I was a content provider all along, and, if you can’t fragment your content into cross-platformed multi-media mini-particles, then what kind of content provider are you exactly?"

He also says 'curator' sounds like 'stirring turds in a toilet bowl with a stick'. Need any more reason to go read his piece immediately?