Thursday, August 11, 2011
Riots or no riots, don't let journalism take a back seat

The Telegraph article 'Raised to rampage' is being linked to left, right and centre... And I mean literally. Everyone, whatever their political leanings, appears to want to join in with the condemnation of poor parenting.

Which is right, and certainly a factor in why things kicked off so badly on Monday and Tuesday. But this particular article sees journalism take a back seat in favour of generic phrases designed only to incite the reader into a blind rage. Here's an example:

OK, I'll have a guess. None? Oh, wait. Erm... all of them? No no. Hang on. Er, most of them? Wait, I've just read the next bit. Er, is it only the black ones?

We've seen a lot of knee-jerk reporting about the riots themselves. Anyone that watched the live coverage of reporters from Sky and CNN running into burning shops and 'interviewing' looters would've got a bit carried away. I know I did, it was *ace*. But it's now a few days later, and news analysis, by this stage, should be intelligent and enlightening.

Oh well. I suppose we shouldn't let things like 'facts' or 'statistics' get in the way of a good story.