Thursday, September 15, 2011
Quite Ridiculous: Bad times to use QR codes

I keep seeing QR codes all over the place. The idea of them is great, connecting the real world with the digital world in a seamless and convenient way.

Apart from the times where they, quite blatantly, don't work. For example:

On a billboard. I'm either too far away, it's too high up, or I'm on a bus that is moving too quickly for me to get the snap. Fail.

On the tube. There is no internet on the tube. Why put QR codes on tube posters? The only theory I've got is that advertising people have never been on the tube. Why would they?

On the TV. Not everyone has the ability to pause live TV, and the code's gone before you can get your phone out. My theory is that advertising people have never known life without Sky+.

On websites. Er, I'm already on a website. Ever heard of a hyperlink?

On your body. Just because.