Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Apple copies BlackBerry, and crumbles

The news is currently alive with stories of BlackBerry's technology problems bringing down services like BBM and web browsing on its handsets.

And it seems that Apple is not immune to these kinds of issues either. iOS 5 - it's much anticipated and major update - is crashing computers and phones up and down the land during the update process.

What's interesting about these two major crises are that, the past, major errors on mobile phones used to be the fault of the operators. Should something like this have happened a few years ago, you'd probably have been on the (home) phone to Orange / Vodafone / T-Mobile / O2 straight away, shouting.

But with so much technology now proprietary to the device manufacturer, we're at their mercy. And as hardware manufacturers, they just don't seem to have the technology to keep services running 100% of the time, nor the customer service setup to handle the complaints when things go wrong.

So all we can do is sit back, seethe, and surf Twitter to make ourselves feel better.