Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Goodbye stuff, I didn't need you anyway

I keep going to update Twitter and Facebook with a witty remark about how our flat was turned into an episode of CSI last night (see above for newly-dusted point of entry), or asking people to keep an eye out for people running around London in my clothes, or even starting a campaign to #findmyimac, but none if it seems fitting for the day after the night some **** invaded our home.

But weirdly, it feels OK to share stuff on this blog. Longer form writing seems to fit in these instances. So... Erm...

I know! I'll write a list.

Five things I found out in the last 14 hours

Sleeping's tough when a stranger's been rummaging around in your bedroom that day.
Online backup of your photos is a really, really good idea.
You can never have enough window locks.
I probably won't miss my iPad.
I'm thankful we are fine and that is the most important thing.