Wednesday, November 02, 2011
Google's new products are like inviting J-Lo around to your house for tea

Google has recently changed all of its products, bringing in a new design and shakeup of features.

In Google Reader, it's forcing it's own path, removing any sharing services in favour of the simply dreadful Google+. In Gmail, which revolutionised the way we consume email through its use of conversations, it now treats conversations with contempt, as they seem to get in the way of its slick (but almost unusable) good looks. The same is true of Docs, which has had a redesign that favours form over function. And Blogger? I can't even work out how to use the damn thing.

Being reliant on so many Google products (using them for work and play hundreds of times a day) this is going to be a massive change for me. And I can't help thinking that Google is ignoring the outcry from millions of people just to make things a bit prettier and to force people to do what they want.

When J-Lo orders a room full of white lilies, or Madonna is forced to accept a hydrangea, or Whitney is thrown off a plane, we find it amusing, endearing, and sometimes attractive.

But this is life, not art. Imagine that, when invited round to your house for tea, J-Lo demanded that you fill your lounge with white lilies. Google being a diva is just annoying. Yes, it's pretty, but it's also a pain in the ass.

I've been a Blogger user since I started my first blog in 2002. My next blog will be on Tumblr.