Thursday, November 17, 2011
Tesco launches Augmented Reality, possibly kills it

I was chatting this morning with someone about how Augmented Reality seems to have disappeared, failing to find it a useful place in our lives. But suddenly, this happened:

Here are a few reasons why this misses the mark so convincingly:

1. Terrible 3D renders of products don't help you decide to buy products.
2. Nobody is going to follow the 'easy', 28-step process.
3. If this is a new way to buy, why is it only available for 40 items?
4. Oh. I still need a piece of paper to make it work?
5. I don't believe that the woman is looking for 'ports' and 'functionality'. Can't she just read those in the product specs?

While I'm all for companies trying out new technology to communicate with buyers and influencers (and great work by Kishino to get a household name like Tesco to give it a go and then get in the Telegraph), Augmented Reality needs to dose of Actual Reality before it takes off.

Mind you - I quite like the look of that Lego Millennium Falcon...