Monday, January 02, 2012
I think I'm getting the hang of new year resolutions

The only resolution I have ever stuck to was in 2011 - 'Don't go to Nandos'. I'd developed an unhealthy addiction which felt good to kick completely (although I'm sure my local branch is happy that it's now 2012). But I liked the feeling of completing a year with a resolution still holding so I'm going to share mine with you. That way you can keep an eye on me and make sure I don't break any.

1. Complete the usual January detox: This year I'm doing a heart-friendly diet alongside the normal no-booze rule. Cue replacing the bread in sandwiches with lettuce leaves, eating lots of omelettes, and sneering at you when you drink fruit juice.

2. Improve end-of-day time management: At 5.30pm every day I will clear my inbox, fill in my agency timesheets, and write my to-do list for the next day. I will walk out of the office at 6pm. (OK, OK... As near to 6pm as humanly possible.)

3. Do something charitable: I spent the 16 hours my employer allows us to give to charity in 2011, but I need to do more than that (plus sponsor the runner who twists my arm hard enough). My goal is not to sign up for a fun run - this year I'm going to *create something* that benefits a charity.

4. Stop reading The Daily What: Four hours a day watching videos of kittens doing funny things is a worse addiction than eating the odd piece of peri-peri chicken.

That's it. Feel free to check in with me to make sure I'm on track. And don't ask me out for a drink in January!