Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Path: Not as private as you think...

Path is in trouble today. This incendiary blog post and resulting comments are a fascinating read.

In summary, a developer found that, while creating an app using the Path code, the popular social networking app downloads your entire iPhone contacts to its own servers. Without asking.

Blogs are asking for Path to nuke all the data. Path says it is looking into it. I've been using Path a hell of a lot in the last few weeks because, in an ironic twist, I like the feeling of privacy it gives me.

Facebook has already been under scrutiny for storing the phone numbers of you and your friends on its side of the fence. Path's defence suggests this is industry best practice, and Apple doesn't require that developers ask for permission from users to access and upload (steal?) contact data the same way that it does for location information.

Do you use Path? Will this change your view of it?

UPDATE: Path has deleted all data harvested from users' iPhones and apologised.