Monday, April 30, 2012
Things I need to get out in the open to keep Spotify from going under

Lego man doesn't like Tori Amos

I read in the Nutshell on Friday that Spotify's investors are getting antsy after it's Facebook tie-in hasn't made them money.

Ignoring the fact for a moment that many game-changing startups don't make money but still sell for hundreds of millions of dollars (*cough*Instagram*cough*) this reads as bad news for Spotify. Since it launched, Spotify has been at the centre of a storm of financial debate. Yes, it's a startup, which means it is going to need money. But it's also a startup that is playing in the commerical music space, which means it is not just operating and marketing costs it needs to recoup to keep afloat. It is also treading on some very powerful toes, sharing revenue with music labels to step them shutting it down for turning their industry on its head.

Which is why, as a paying customer since the very beginning, I've been OK with Spotify desperately trying to get me to approve its relentless requests for me to share what I'm listening to on Facebook. Yeah, it's amazingly annoying (especially when cancelling the popup crashes the mobile app), but the more intrinsically linked the two social networks are, the more they are likely to merge.

If the social media music market was a dancefloor, Spotify is a young geeky kid lunging clumsily at the hot popular girl (Facebook) with his tongue sticking out. I'm praying the kid gets lucky. But if this union is going to take place, we're all going to need to encourage the Facebook/Spotify snog. Having been burgled last year, losing all my MP3s in the process, I'm screwed if Spotify goes under. I'd have no music, aside from a few songs I keep on dusty plastic discs in a cupboard somewhere.

So, here and now, I pledge to share what I'm listening to on Facebook if Spotify needs me to. And it's going to be embarrassing. I have a penchant for 80s power ballads. And sometimes I dabble in Scandinavian electropop. I listen to Lana del Rey's album at least once a day. When I'm down, my 'sad songs' playlist consoles me with '74-'75 by The Connells. And when I need a boost, I'll probably dance in the kitchen to Labrinth or Tinie Tempah. Oh, and I'm really, really obsessed with Tori Amos (a concept which years ago led to a Tori Amos tattoo that I'll show you if you ask me nicely).

There we have it. It's all out in the open now, so I might as well give in and share it all on Facebook.

You should try it too. Spotify needs you, and so do I.