Monday, July 02, 2012
Do internet TV boxes have to look this bad?

TV design means as much screen, and as little plastic surround, as possible. Less is more. Nothing should get in the way of the content.

So let's look at some internet TV boxes you can buy to unobtrusively complement your sleek HD screen.

The Boxee. Yes, I'm a Star Trek Fan. No, I don't want a Borg cube emerging from my TV table. Grim.

Google's new Nexus Q. Erm... Everything else I own for entertainment is rectangular. Spheres are for kicking.

The Roku. Also available in black. Also not available without the ridiculous purple tag. The remote has one too. Dreadful.

Apple TV. Probably has half the features the others do. Doesn't look ridiculous under a TV. Winner.