Thursday, August 30, 2012
Do you need a Lift?

Lift, the new app backed by people who founded Twitter (yeah, really), just hit the App Store.

It's a simple activity tracker, which allows you to set a goal ('go to the gym', 'floss your teeth', 'meditate') and then 'check in' every time you do it. The Lift community of users can then give you 'props' to turn your small achievement into a habit.

The app is very simple, looks great, and works quickly. In my ongoing exploration of the current craze for the 'quantified self', it might be a useful tool.

So far, the encouragement - albeit automated - I get from my Nike+ FuelBand seems to be helping me go to the gym more often, so this might work too.

If nothing else it shows that 'body hacking' is being taken seriously by the big guns of Silicon Valley.

I'm off to check in to my goal of 'using inverted commas in blog posts'.