Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Google vs Microsoft vs Apple: How the iPad dropped to the bottom of the pile

This month, Google launched a game-changing laptop that does 80% of what a MacBook Air does for 20% of the price, and Microsoft is going to bring touchscreens to business computing with Windows 8. Both of these things are technologies that will have a deep and profound impact on computing in the medium term.

Apple, as usual, has tried to grab the headlines by announcing a surprise press conference. A smaller iPad is expected to be unveiled.

Does anyone else think Apple is being a bit desperate? Yes, the iPad was a revolutionary product. Yes, we understand why they would launch a new one this week. But the other two companies are presenting products that have taken years to develop. These two launches will provide an experience that isn't yet in the mainstream. They are *actually* new.

An iPad mini (or whatever it'll be called) is just a smaller iPad. Even Amazon - which made its money selling books made of paper for crying out loud - launched a 7" tablet weeks ago. 

Yes. I'm still buying one. But I'm also buying a Chromebook and a Surface, and I'm more excited about trying them for the first time than trying out a slightly smaller version of something I've owned since 2010.

Is a new version of a product you first launched three years ago the best you got, Apple?