Friday, January 11, 2013
#techprdrinks. February 7th. Be there.

Taking part in Dry January this year? Yes, me too. Well done, and all power to you. Positive health choices are a good thing.

But so is having a few friendly beers (or wines, or mineral waters) with your respected industry peers in a pub. Anyone who has been to #techprdrinks before will agree. Go on, ask them.

So put Thursday, February 7th in the diary right now. 

As usual, we've got limited space in our central London venue, so if you're a technology PR person that works in an agency and fancy coming along, drop me a line at to put your name on the list.

DWPub will be buying your drinks, so be nice to Daryl Willcox and the crew when you see them there.

In an amazing turn of events, we've also got Lucky Voice involved, who will be popping in with prizes and vouchers for their bars. There are also rumours of an afterparty...

See you there!

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