Thursday, March 14, 2013
OK, Slice of Barnes. I give in.

I love a blog challenge. Remember that time I started a blog about Reggae Reggae Sauce and got an email from Peter Jones telling me my blog was "great"? Or the time I spent living in 1998 because Orange couldn't provide mobile data in Central London?

But recently, someone sent me a new challenge. And it really takes the cake.

In summary, a friend and cake blogger called Slice of Barnes has publicly asked, as a gift to her, that we swap blogs just for one post. I have to bake a cake (and get it rated by a group of independent witnesses, like she does every week) and, in return, she will write a post on technology for this blog.

Now, let me tell you about Slice and how she is with technology. I'll do this through a recent anecdote of hers...

A few weeks ago, she found an iPhone in the street. Someone had clearly lost it, so she did the decent thing and picked it up. Then it rang. And rang. And rang. Slice couldn't work out how to answer it. Apparently, having seen me use Siri in the past, she even shouted "ANSWER!" at it. Nothing worked.

So what did she do? She phoned me to ask how to answer an iPhone.

She saw my iPad once, and announced that it was "witchcraft". Lord knows what would happen if she ever got hold of my Pebble watch. This, dear reader, is the person who is about to guest post on this blog.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

So, Slice of Barnes, in answer to your post (and tweets, and texts, and phone calls, and visits to my home), I hereby accept your challenge.

This weekend, I will bake a cake that is worthy of being featured on your wonderful cake blog.

And next week, we will be waiting to see what you have to say.