Thursday, May 09, 2013
I want to live like a celebrity. Who's with me?

I'm a huge advocate of celebrities using their status to raise awareness of charitable causes. I'm also a fan of gimmicky social experiments, so the Live Below the Line campaign, where you try to live on £1 a day for a week, really appeals to me. I'll definitely be taking part before June 30th (and you can thank Ben Affleck for bringing it to my attention).

But did anyone see E! presenter Alicia Quarles' attempt at living below the line? To quote her, she "took it to the next level" by aiming to spend nothing! But she didn't do it for a week, oh no. She did it for a day!

Yes. A day... That's some next-level-taking-things-to right there!

If you can't be bothered to read her report, let me summarise her day for you:

1. Someone drove her to a morning meeting.
2. Someone gave her breakfast at the meeting.
3. Someone drove her to lunch.
4. Someone gave her lunch.
5. Someone drove her to an evening meeting.
6. Her evening meeting was a 'red carpet event', where someone gave her food and drink.
7. At some point during the day, she bought a banana. Oops! Fail! LOL!

I'm starting to lose faith in the effectiveness of her endorsement.

To make myself feel less queasy, I'm going to watch this video of Beyonce taking the subway ten times in a row ("I felt amazing, just like everybody else").

OK, I feel better now. So... Who wants to join me and support Unicef by *actually* living below the line for a week?