Thursday, August 01, 2013
Brand panic: Has Gmail killed email marketing?

Or has it made everything better?

My Gmail inbox is certainly a quieter place since the new layout split my messages into 'primary', 'social', and 'promotions'. These kinds of forced changes usually make me worried that I'll miss something important, but so far Google's sorting robots have done the job flawlessly.

Some of the smarter marketers have sent messages explaining how to shift their emails into my primary inbox (like the one from Mr Porter above). It made me do it, as I do like the Mr Porter emails. It also made me move a few others over that I might not have considered.

Email itself is pretty broken - I have thousands and thousands of unread messages, and often miss an email as it's easy to get buried in my 1,000-a-day problem. But it strikes me that email marketers are going to have create better content - and really get to know me - if they want people to treat them as a primary sender.

That can only be a good thing, right?