Monday, August 12, 2013
Cyberthought of the day

This isn't an actual thought because I'm only sharing it on the internet: We need to ban the prefix 'cyber'.

The problem with the word 'cyber' was raised to me on Friday by an old friend who got back in touch after reading my recent series of cliches. He's pretty bored of the use of 'cyber', and wonders if there is a better way to refer to information threats and the associated risks.

Despite quite liking the term (as, for me, it conjures up images of the first Terminator film) I agree that it compartmentalises issues into 'internet-only', and therefore makes them feel less real, and less important.

Mic Wright's recent Telegraph articles about online bullying (read some here, here and here) make the point well... Just because it's cyberbullying doesn't mean it isn't bullying, so the normal rules should apply.

Similarly, cyberterrorism is just terrorism, and needs to be taken seriously. Cyberwarfare is just as devastating (and even more prevalent nowadays) as actual fighting, and still counts as fighting.

The only one I'm not sure about is cybersex, but that's only because I used to hang out in Second Life and saw some things I refuse to believe were being reflected in the real world. (At least I hope not.)

We're all online nowadays, so let's do away with 'cyber', and start treating all behaviour with equal value, eh?