Thursday, August 01, 2013
Hated marketing cliche 1: "Put a call into"

I've been challenged by Jen and Russ (both undertaking 30-day challenges themselves) to write a post a day on my most hated marketing cliches for 30 days.

Number one is "put a call into", as in: "I'll put a call into Jen tomorrow," or "I've put a call into Russ but he hasn't got back to me".

It's not a marketing cliche per se, but it's one that you hear a lot in agencies. And it's my blog so my rules. (I also won't be using an e-acute on cliche throughout this experiment. Deal with it.)

The reason this one is so bad is because it assumes that the person you're calling won't answer. This phrase single-handedly reduces our daily lives into endless voicemail-leaving, never expecting another human to speak to us in real time.

Instead, we put a call in, leave a voicemail, and then drop them an email, and then they'll do the same back to you, and before you know it we're all stuck in an endless cycle of asynchronous messages because we're always in meetings anyway so never have time to speak to people.

Your job might be like that, but you don't have to encourage it by using this phrase. Stop it now.

This is fun! I can't wait for tomorrow.